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C.A.C.C. Distributes Care Packages to Fentanyl Addicts – a 2nd Time Feb 26th, 2018.
Mental Health and Addiction Services Recipients or ‘Clients’ To Distribute Care Packages Targeted At Fentanyl Users – Good Samaritan Act Implores Victims to Wait for Police to Arrive on Scene, while another PSA tells them what to do until first responders arrive.
Ottawa, Ontario February 20, 2018:

The Client Advisory Council of Champlain (C.A.C.C.) ‘provides ongoing advice and systemic advocacy to the AMHNC on behalf of all people with mental health challenges and/or addictions in the Champlain LHIN’. – C.A.C.C. Terms of Reference. Our members bring informed discourse, lived experience and deep empathy when considering the plight of addicts or those using the mental health services in our Champlain region.

The CACC has fortunately been able to align its advisory role alongside some physical projects: Last year, the C.A.C.C had a successful LHIN funded project “Stigma Stories”, a book of collected stories from those triumphant in their struggle with various addiction and mental health obstacles. This year we distributed fresh socks with opioid PSAs in care packages to the homeless population of downtown Ottawa, warning of the spread of opioids and what to do with overdose victims… READ MORE: CACC Press Release #2