The Women’s Mental Health program at the Royal is currently looking for 2 volunteers (will receive paid honorarium) to serve on an advisory committee for a research project focused  on the mental health needs of women staying in violence against women (VAW) sector shelters.

The estimated time requirement is 10 hours or less, from now until mid-April 2019.

There is a 500$ honorarium available for each of the two research advisors selected.

We ask that applicants have some combination of the following:

  • experience staying in VAW sector shelters.
  • experience with the mental healthcare system.
  • experience surviving gender based violence.
  • are racialized or Indigenous.
  • are  newcomers to Canada.
  • live with a physical disability.

To be considered, or for more information please contact:

Thank you for your time!

Emma Slaney Gose, MSW, RSW
Social Worker, Women’s Mental Health, Community Mental Health Program
Travailleuse Sociale, Programme de santé mentale pour les femmes, Programme communautaire de santé mentale