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Date(s) - 26/06/2015 - 11/07/2015
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Understanding young siblings of people with a mental illness



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Share your experience and contribute to sibling research by participating in a study on
Siblings of Those With and Without Mental Illness – A Life-Course Perspective

Listen to Lisa’s experience & complete the survey at

The purpose of this study is to better understand the experiences and feelings about being a sibling of someone with a diagnosed mental illness. We will be asking questions about your relationship with your sibling who has a mental illness, your other social relationships, coping strategies, your emotional feelings, well-being, and the decisions you make about your life.

The study will take approximately 35 minutes to complete.
You will receive a $10.00 card of your choice for either Tim Horton’s or for your participation in the study. Please note that it can take a couple of weeks before your response is processed and we send you your gift certificate.

This study has received clearance by the Carleton University Psychology Research Ethics Board
(Reference # 14-169)

Eligibility: You must have a sibling with a diagnosed mental illness.
You must be18-30 years of age and live in Canada.

The following people are involved in this research project and may be contacted at any time if you have further questions about this project, what it means, or concerns about how it was conducted:

Lisa Emberley, Graduate Researcher, Department of Neuroscience
Phone: 613 520-2600 ext. 7513,

Dr. Kim Matheson, Faculty Member, Department of Health Sciences
Phone: 613 520-3570,

Dr. Hymie Anisman, Faculty Member, Department of Neuroscience

Phone: 613 520-2699,

Ethical concerns: Should you have any ethical concerns about this research, please contact Dr. Shelley Brown, at: (613-520-2600 ext. 1505).
Any other concerns: For any other concerns, please contact Dr. Joanna Pozzulo (Chair, Department of Psychology, 613-520-2600, ext. 1412,