Champlain Needs and Capacity Assessment V2

BACKGROUND: Champlain Needs and Capacity Assessment v2 generates the evidence needed for agency and LHIN level decision-making, by providing a series of information products.  Program capacity, population needs and health care utilization of MH&A services will be updated and assessed.


LHIN Sub-Region Population Health Profile

ACT Teams: needs and capacity analysis


 Pathways contributed to the development of the Inpatient Capacity Plan (would be good to recopy the image of the report)

The Current State Report provides the evidence mined from numerous data sources to unravel the intricate aspects of service needs (the LHIN also posted it on their website)

Pathways contributed to the development of the Sub-Region Health Profiles Report

MH&A-related indicators were used to create spider-plot visuals. 

Identifying the Need for Additional Assertive Community Treatment Teams in Ontario

Mental Health and Addictions: Prevalence and Needs; Focus on the Population of Seniors in the Champlain Region –A Collation of Available Statistics