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Collective Impact is the over arching approach we take towards systems change, which is an intentional and structured process of collaboration.   For a great overview of collective impact, check out:  https://collectiveimpactforum.org/what-collective-impact

This primary approach of collective impact helps to guide us in our work as well as other approaches the program has identified as essential to the success of Pathway’s mandate. these additional approaches are outlined below (summaries of these approaches will be linked to the titles in the near future):

Name Description
Client & Family Voices How we adopt best approaches to integrate client & family voices into the work we undertake.
Equity How we identify & address the needs of diverse & vulnerable populations in the work we undertake
Program & Project Management How we plan, monitor & close-out our program & projects
Facilitation & Relationship Building How we facilitate conversations / relationships between individuals & organizations from diverse settings
Data Analysis & Performance Reporting How we extract, analyze, and report on mental health and addictions data
Implementation How we move into practice, sustain, and scale up well-defined changes & improvements
Evaluation How we measure our expected outcomes – both at the program and project-level
Communications How we communicate with a broad-range of individuals in the work we undertake
Governance How we ensure that the appropriate authority, decision-making and accountability is in place to support the work of Pathways


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