Health Care Service Modifications in Champlain

Champlain Regional Mental Health Patient Flow Process & Procedure

Management of Mental Health Acute, High Risk Patients

April 23, 2020: News Release – Ontario Extends Emergency Orders to Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19

  • New order issued to support people with mental health and addictions issues
  • The following emergency orders have been extended until May 6, 2020…

“In addition, the government has introduced a new measure to allow mental health and addictions agencies to redeploy staff within different locations or between programs, and employ extra part-time staff, temporary staff or contractors in order to ensure people continue receiving the high quality care they expect and deserve during the COVID-19 outbreak. Agencies would be required to provide appropriate training and education to achieve the purposes of a redeployment plan.”



OBJECTIVE: To ensure access to care for mental health patients across the Champlain Region by enabling a rapid transfer for acute emergent needs and the ability to recover in the most appropriate hospital setting.

Revisions_2020_06_02_Champlain Regional Mental Health Patient Flow Process

Regional Patient Flow Strategy /

Gestion régionale du cheminement des patients

Gestion régionale du cheminement des patients

Community and Social Services

Community and Social Services staff continues to ensure the provision of essential services to our residents and clients. Staff is also taking an active role in assessing the emerging needs of our community during the COVID-19 outbreak.
This memo provides an update on the work underway by Community and Social Services Department and will specifically highlight the collaborative efforts undertaken with our community and City partners to ensure that our most vulnerable residents are well supported.

Memo: COVID-19 Response Addressing Community Needs (March 25, 2020)

Note de Service: COVID-19 Répondre aux besoins de la collectivité (25 mars, 2020)

Renfrew County (RC) Services Availability

Renfrew County (RC) Services Template – November 13, 2020

Renfrew County (RC) Services Template – August 24, 2020


UPDATE: ConnexOntario Guidance Document COVID-19- Final (V4)

Difference from previous version, see page 3.

  • Specifically about a new weekly data request on Tuesdays
  • New Initiative: ConnexOntario, Ministry of Health, Mental Health Centre of Excellence & Health Quality Ontario… reaching out on behalf of the Ministry of Health and the Mental Health and Addictions Centre of Excellence at Ontario Health to request additional information on the impact of COVID-19 on service continuity for community mental health and addiction agencies.
  • This new survey will assist the Ministry of Health and the MHA Centre of Excellence track service utilization and interruptions, identify opportunities to mitigate service disruptions, and support agencies.
  • The program availability contact or the program primary contact will be asked to login to eServices via ConnexCentral, to answer five questions. The Ministry of Health is requesting that this information be submitted WEEKLY by TUESDAY AFTERNOON.
  • READ MORE HERE: ConnexOntario Guidance Document COVID-19- Final (V4)

Updated ‘Current State’ Reports

For the listing of all MHA Champlain-area services (i.e. LHIN-funded and some non-LHIN-funded), we will post updated ‘current state’ reports as they become available:


Data Request re: COVID-19 Organization Program Modifications

Most Recent Update: February 3, 2021


Connex Ontario is collecting and documenting information provided by Champlain-LHIN area MHA services’ organizations and programs’ response to covid.

The directory of services is available to the public; visit:

One can find individual organization/program information (appended with any updated COVID 19 notes):

  • Select the ‘Directory’ button on the left
  • Scroll down a bit to find the link called List of organizations by name
  • Select the organization of interest
  • Scroll down to their list of programs
  • Select program of interest
  • Look for the notes precluded with Organization’s Current Reported COVID-19 Response