The Renfrew Mental Health and Addiction services, with support from Champlain Pathways to Better Care, collaborated to develop a baseline understanding of the number of individual clients who are accessing both mental health and addictions services in Renfrew County.

This work included the implementation of a formalized coordinated process for concurrent clients in order to achieve better coordination of services that will ultimately lead to improved outcomes for these individuals

Clients and families, front-line staff, administrators, and others collaboratively developed:

  • Baseline data profile
  • Agreement on concurrent disorder identification
  • Current and desired future state processes
  • Single Collaborative Care Initiation Sheet for all 5 organizations
  • Clarity regarding care coordination flow between organizations and sectors
  • Collaborative care plan template; client-centred appointments.
  • Joint clinical training
  • Weekly Community of Practice calls

Read the Evaluation Report and see the Renfrew County Common Concurrent Disorder (CD) Client Process Map – Desired Future State.