The story behind the logo – Collaboration and Capacity Building in Action
We needed a logo.   As a new program we needed to let people know who we were and needed to have a visual identity that was unique.   Ideally the logo should capture our principles of collaboration, enablement as well as supporting and strengthening capacity development. The next challenge was how best to create a logo. The easiest way to go about this was to either purchase rights to an existing image, or contract an established graphic designer to create one from scratch.


However, as a program that promotes processes such as project management and quality improvement we are big on identifying and nurturing processes that support collaboration and capacity building.  Creating a logo was no different.   It was an opportunity to support and highlight some of the connections and collaborations that that are possible within the mental health and addictions sector.


After reaching out to Causeway, a local not-for-profit agency that has been empowering and supporting people with mental health and other challenges find meaningful work for over 20 years we found a great collaborative opportunity for the creative needs.   The entrepreneurial program at Causeway connected us with both an artist and a design instructor who were able to support each other in the creation of our logo.


The artist, Meagan Dieroff, who with the support of Causeway is just starting to explore business opportunities using her creative sketches and designs was eager to work with us. Meagan was able to take written background material as well as brainstorming image concepts and create a design of three interwoven trees with a path around the image.   She felt that the images of the trees capture the program’s tag line “Innovation through Collaboration” and the intertwined roots identify the strength of working together and bridging gaps between programs and within the sector.


David Bromley, Coordinator and Professor of Graphic Design at Algonquin College, worked with Meagan and the program to take the drawn image, add text and modify it into a digital format, ready for use as a program logo.   He provided feedback and support to Meagan and patiently worked through various colour and name modifications as requested by the program.


The logo visually represents the strength of working together. The creation of the logo demonstrates the results of working together.   We hope our logo and the story of the creation of our logo can inspire individuals and organizations to collaborate for improvements within our system and services for mental health and addictions.