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Idea / Opportunity for Improvement Submission Form

Pathways to Better Care is inviting people/organizations to submit ideas when you see an opportunity for change and improvement within the mental health and/or addictions sector.

Idea/problem submission boards are a common way to start quality improvement processes and conversations. This is Pathways to Better Care’s tool for a system wide approach to what you might see on a ward or an organization’s wall as they implement quality improvement strategies. (see example: )

This form is NOT a form to request additional funding…. but Pathways to Better Care can support you and / or your organization. Support could be any of the following:

• Facilitating people and organizations in coming together to work collaboratively on the issue you are bringing forth.
• Organizing and moving ideas forward into action using project management tools
• Leveraging Quality Improvement tools and techniques to implement and sustain change
• Supporting knowledge exchange and education

Please take the time to fill out the form below. This is the first step to start a conversation, where Pathways to Better Care will work with you and other organizations to flush out the idea in greater detail and identify possible supports. The form is intended to be short, as way to get your ideas down and a conversation started.

If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail or call 613-722-6521 Melanie Caulfield (ex: 6704) or Alice Hutton (ex: 6555)


Idea / Opportunity
Submitted By
Please describe the idea / opportunity for improvement in a couple of sentences
What will the impact be on clients / family members?

Why does this need to happen now?

Does this idea / opportunity involve more than one organization?
Please name the organization(s) that would be most involved:

Who / what organization(s) will this idea / opportunity impact the most?

For this idea / opportunity to be successful will it require?

Absolutely Maybe No/None Don’t Know
Organizations working together Absolutely Maybe No Don't Know
Coordination Absolutely Maybe No Don't Know
Research / Measurement Absolutely Maybe No Don't Know
Sharing of information
Additional funding Absolutely Maybe No Don't Know


How could Pathways to Better Care provide support?

Supporting organizations working together Project Management
Quality Improvement / Lean Transformation tools Facilitation
Knowledge exchange Research / Measurement
Other, please describe:

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